Right, Left, Right

As mentioned in a previous post, the Clubbers were to gather for a holiday celebration, and celebrate we did! Great food, fun, laughter, and games.

It also seems we have a holiday gathering tradition. For the 3rd year running, we play a wonderful gift exchange game, with a twist. Or turn? No, around the circle… So sets the stage.

Clubbers, seated in a circle, each with a gift in hand, are ready to listen to a story that will determine which way (right or left) the gift we are holding will be passed around the circle.

But wait, this isn’t just any story. Our Clubbers are talented, and then some! The story that makes its way to this game is written by one of our own, and each year it is with anticipation the rest of us enthusiastically listen and are directed, right or left. When the story ends, the game ends, each of us holding a gift different from when we started. Great fun, and laughter, and a present!

Thank you, beautiful Heather, for sharing this game and creating the stories.

Now here sits the story, as read by the author during the game (you will have to imagine crazy laughter):

Right now it’s that busy time of year. The hustle and bustle are right here.

But right at the end of the year, there is one thing left to look forward to – and it’s Kim’s easy reader game, right.

Filled with lots of food, sitting right on the counter – all right in good sight – we don’t have to walk too far to fill our plates right back up.

Hey – that’s not even mentioning that drink and Christmas cheer are right in the same spot – never too far, always right in our reach.

After eating a lot, and drinking a lot, the thing that is left is games – we have enough of those to go around, too!

Right after games and maybe all though it, we’ll be cackling and laughing right at all of our Christmas cheer!

Oh no – we forgot Wane-TV is calling for a right amount of snow – I wonder if it will happen right as they say – will it ruin our plans? – HA, not a chance!

Heather packed an overnight bag right away. Andrea came all dressed right comfy in her jammies. Jen is expecting to leave right before the weather breaks and Debra is right around the corner – matter of fact a right out the door, a right at the corner and then at the 2nd corner, right again – a small walk and a left and then in the middle of the block on the right hand side – she’s right home in a jiffy! Amy is going to be right brave and Katie, too – but not before they see what’s left on Kim’s counter of goodies to make the ride home seem no big deal.

All in all, we agree that Kim’s house for the Easy Reader Book Club game night is right where we wanna be. Right!

— HP


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